Fashions fade. Style is eternal.
— Yves Saint Laurent

client Inspiration board & questionnaire

Name *
Being on trend? Accessorizing? Finding the best silhouette? Name up to five
Men, women, living, or deceased. Whose style do you admire?
Do you have a fave ensemble? Accessory? Go-to color palette?
No time, struggling to put new looks together, unsure how to be cute AND comfortable, lack of confidence with certain areas of your body after baby?
Petite, average, or tall? Large on top or small? Pear shape, apple, hourglass, or unsure?
Having a photo shoot, anniversary, birthday or a special girls nite?
Work/Life Balance
Tell me what you're juggling. This helps me understand the pressures you face, some of which can filter into the priority we put on self-care.
Name of organization
How do you de-stress? Yes, Wine connoisseur counts.